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Mass Calling and Voting

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The Teligent Telecom Mass Calling Solution is able to provide the operator with a national distributed source of recorded announcements for delivering corporate messaging services, high profile services such as Tele-voting competitions and Live Feed services such as live sporting commentary.

With the success of interactive televisions shows such as “Pop Idol” and “X Factor”, mass calling services have become increasingly popular. This trend will continue as media companies continue their search for new revenues.

Mass calling events place high demands on telephony networks that are typically designed to provide services for person-to-person calls. As sudden tidal waves of very short duration calls flood the network, vital telephony services can be adversely affected for large geographical areas. This can result in not only loss of revenue and reputation for the network operator but also frustration for subscribers, regardless if they participate in the mass calling event or not.

Convergent networking

All of Teligent Telecom’s Value Added Services are based on our patented middleware-platform the Teligent P90/E. The Teligent P90/E is an industry leading converged telephony platform which supports existing fixed and mobile networking as well as next generation SIP and IMS.

Proven in leading tier 1 operators worldwide, the Teligent P90/E offers unprecedented networking capacity and scalability. Combined with the inbuilt multi-platform, multi-site deployment possibilities the Teligent P90/E is suitable for networks both large and small allowing localised service offerings from a centralised fully-redundant topology.

Industry leading capacity, scalability and resilience

Teligent Telecom’s applications serve billions of calls a year across Europe, Africa and Asia to millions of subscribers with the latest features via multi-lingual and multi-cultural voice and web interfaces. The Teligent P90/E is proven in leading-operators worldwide to support fully redundant distributed configurations ensuring your services never fail to deliver.

Our reference customers

Leading operators worldwide such as BT and Telekom Malaysia trust Teligent Telecom to deliver core Mass Calling services to their subscribers.

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